Who We Are

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Continentum is a software development company serving three markets:

  1. Software development solution for custom software solutions for international donor funded project in Justice Sector of Courts, Prisons, and Law.
  2. Service provider for the law firms, legal bureau and legal communities within Indonesia.
  3. Service provider for the Foreign Exchange trading brokerage companies throughout the world.


Our Project Clients come to us because of our track record of successfully creating and implementing solutions designed for sustainability. We implement cutting edge technology and software development methodology specific for government with the Client’s donor funded software project. We are expert at addressing difficulties in managing unclear requirements, addressing key factors in successful implementation, and providing responsive support.



Our Law Firms and Legal Communities Customers come to us because of our expertise as a service provider in legal research, automating legal audit, and providing a complete and most current library for keeping our Clients abreast of the latest update of laws and regulations.



Our Foreign Exchange Trading Brokerage Clients come to us for reliable social trading platform service and responsive support for Forex Brokerage Company service that support their business operation.



Our culture encourage  LEARNING and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. We do what it takes to get things done, help each other, learn and improve continuously. Our team undergoes MULTI DISCIPLINE GROWTH in producing robust and effective solution for our customers by exposures to multiple roles, best practices, learning and finding the right tool or technology for the right job.

Our Standards of  how we think, behave and work.


  1. We respect and treat our Customer by being kind, helpful, and professional.
  2. We provide responsive support by listening to the problems, understanding their needs, promptly providing acceptable solution and escalate if necessary.


  1. We are result oriented by doing what it takes to get it done.
  2. We are a Team who encourage, cooperate and help each other.

Improvement & Learning

  1. We are always looking for more effective and efficient solutions by asking and giving constructive recommendations regardless of position or seniority.
  2. We are a learning environment by supporting research, experimenting with new initiatives, improve and learn from our mistakes.

Our Story

Our company history and journey

Our business start in 2002
Incorporated as PT. Bahtera Informatika
New branding as Continentum

The journey started in 2002 from our work creating a company profile website for a forex brokerage company which was pioneering the first online forex trading platform in Indonesia.

Then in 2004 we’re entrusted with the development of online web based future trading application for the same company which covered end to end operation for investors and transactions settlement and processing. A team of four were formed and started researching various fields from IT related fields, such as programming, hardware, Linux, network, security, audit and disaster recovery to the industry related fields, such as futures trading mechanism, operation management, management check and balance. All of the aspects were taken into consideration because the application would be used as the core application for investors, trading desk, finance, marketing, price entry and management.

The challenge was unique due to futures trading application has been an industry that required in depth understanding of futures trading mechanism, brokerage practices and regulations, and without available off the shelves solution (like accounting, HR, etc) and only a handfull of software development company focused in this area. The application completed in 8 months and supported by our fully managed services covering maintenance, servers, backup, monitoring and customer support.

We continue to receive projects from handling various projects, like Search Engine Optimization, Online Dating site, Job Listing site, Video Feed aggregator, Professional Service listing, Indonesia Bar Association administration system.

On 2006,  joined in a consortium which we’re responsible for all the technical aspects, we’re entrusted in providing trading simulation application for Jakarta Futures Exchange, in competition with publicly listed software development company specialized for stock trading and big software development companies.  One of the deciding key factor was the requirement for the application to be operational within 3 months which cannot be met by the competitors which we met and successfully delivered. The application was used as the official trading simulation application for cocoa commodity for Jakarta Futures Exchange and used nationwide in universities’ financial courses and competitions.

On 2008 we incorporated our business into PT. Bahtera Informatika and started to develop solution for Donor’s funded projects for government agencies. Since then we handled various technically challenging solutions from National Information Repository for hundreds of Religious Courts, media center information portal for General Election Commission in 2009’s election, sms based reporting for more than 800 courts in Indonesia, case management using web service based Microsoft Excel, integrated repository of law and regulation for the Ministry of Law and Human rights using graph database technology for managing relationship mapping and light weight search engine that support more than 35.000 laws and regulations.

Our next  major project was the restructuring of the existing verdict directory of the Supreme Court, we restructure and developed, the application is still being using right now by all the courts in Indonesia, over 800 courts and the Supreme Court of Republic of Indonesia break the world record for publishing more than 1.5 million (2016) of verdict document.

In 2014 because we are known as Continentum to better represent of our services to the clients

Continentum also manage the restructuring of the existing Prison information systems a distributed application installed over 500 location to become a stable, secure and growing application made possible by being professionally managed with handling requirement, work priority, latest status. In 2016 the application manage end to end operation of prisons from registration, fingerprint biometric management, face biometric management, remission, parole, visits, evidence management, immediate response, data warehouse, mobile executive dashboard,  GPS monitoring for inmates

On 2015, Continentum’s handled the data exchange between the Directorate General of Correction – Ministry of Law and Human Rights with the Supreme Court which is one part of the national Single Case Management System that would connect between Police, State Attorney, Court and Prisons which was instructed by the President to be priority program since 2015. The project was the pioneering project between all the parties involved and expected to be the baseline example for integration with other institutions.

Continentum based on the accumulated track record and past experiences in the industries now become a software development company providing solution for the following sectors

  1. International donor funded programs for the creation of custom software solutions projects for Justice Sector of Courts, Prisons, and Law.
  2. Law firms and legal communities within Indonesia.
  3. Foreign Exchange trading brokerage companies throughout the world.

Discover our Amazing Skills

Our extensive experiences and competencies

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Best Practices in Software Development

We implement Best Practices in developing our solutions to provide solution that meet business needs, timely delivery and quality solution.
AGILE Continuous Improvement

We implement Hybrid Agile in Software Development and Continuous Improvement our operations

Test Driven Development

Enterprise grade application require rigorous quality assurance using fully automated test driven development

Continuous Integration

Development and Deployment integrated

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Continuous Improvement we research, test and implement latest technology to find the correct tool for the job.

Source Version Control

Source version


Fingerprint, Iris, Face and Voice recognition

Messaging Solution

Messaging Solution

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Graph Database

Graph Database

Search Engine Application

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