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Starting from the background of PHP & mysql development in the area of Futures Commodity Trading industry, we improved our development team to have expertise in the web development field. Handling private corporate clients to public national clients are our past achievement, providing NOT just an ordinary solutions but a cutting edge web development technology at the time as a solution for the requirement.




Anda membutuhkan Kios Informasi (Kiosk) untuk menampilkan Katalog Digital di showroom, Informasi Jadwal Kegiatan atau Menampilkan Status Antrian. Kami menyediakan solusi total untuk Kiosk Informasi. Umumnya Kiosk dipakai pada showroom, bank, kampus, kantor layanan informasi. 

Paket Kiosk mencakup perangkat keras, aplikasi / perangkat lunak berikut berbagai casing display seperti contoh di bawah. Tersedia pula perangkat untuk hanya Multiple Display. Read More >>


ProductKioskMulti Screen HardwareSA Series


Portal Web development powered by content management system to provide your organization with powerful, attractive and robust infrastructure to serve high volume web visitors 
Business suite application package for small to medium scale business, we provide you with simple, easy to use and online application to make your business easily monitored through internet 
Custom web development from online trading platform, case management system, document management system, sales, procurement, CRM, we served specific custom web development tailored according to your specific needs 



Current Project 

  • Business Suite Application Package 
  • SMS Based Application enhancement 
  • Web Portal Development
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